The PowerMix Silent Is The World’s Quietest Blender

I’ve long made peace with the fact that blenders are noisy.  As such, it never even occurred to me to look for ones that worked quietly.  Turns out they do exist and the PowerMix Silent is the quietest of them all.

Made by Electrolux, the kitchen appliance can churn through your favorite food and drinks just like that loud mixer you use every morning, all while bellowing out tolerable levels of noise.  How tolerable?  According to the company, it’s soft enough that you can have a normal conversation and not wake the sleeping baby nearby throughout full operation.  Not bad.

The PowerMix Silent uses a patented Sound Reduction System, which achieves lower levels of noise through vibration damping and controlled airflow.   While not exactly silent, its 80db is a considerable reduction from the 90db to 95db of loudness that most blenders put out, putting it on par with the sound levels of perfectly tolerable electric razors.

As for the blender itself, you get a 1.5 liter “triangular” jug that makes ingredients easier to pull down to the blades while it whirls from the power of the 600-watt onboard motor.   It comes with extra accessories, too, including a fruit filter, a mini chopper and a puree.

If that sustained metallic buzz of regular blenders have you cringing every time you prepare your fruit smoothies, you should be able to appreciate the unusual quietness of the Electrolux PowerMix Silent.  It’s available now in some European markets, priced at  €140 ($200).

[Electrolux via Oh Gizmo]