The Self-Stirring, Self-Heating USB Whirl Wind Warmer Coffee Cup


Love coffee, hate stirring? Now, you don’t have to. The USB Whirl Wind Warmer Cup not only keeps your caffeine toasty, it happily stirs it too. You never have to waste a perfectly clean utensil again.

I hate coffee spoons. You use them for 10 seconds and they’re done. Since they’re already dirty, you can’t exactly throw them back into your clean pile of cutlery either. With this self-stirring cup in tow, you can just leave them to gather dust through all of eternity.

Made by the purveyors of perpetually awesome USB gadgets, Brando, the USB Whirl Wind Warmer acts like regular heated cups, toasting your beverage at a constant 40-degree temperature. Looking to be even more useful, it also doubles as a mixer, spinning your drink like a whirlpool at the push of a button. Throw in your sugar, creamer, milk, sprinkles, pig’s guts and whatever other crap you like to lace your coffee with, allowing the cup to mix it up all on its own.

Thing won’t stir when you push the button? Simply recharge it on any USB port. Definitely sounds like a simpler plan than having to walk over to the kitchen to find a stirring spoon. Or being too lazy to get up that you momentarily believe it’s a good idea to stir scalding hot coffee with your finger. Ouch.

The USB Whirl Wind Warmer costs $37. For perpetually hot coffee and the convenience of never making those round, swirling motions again, that sounds like a good deal.

[Brando via Gizmodo]