The Sharker Puts Jaws’ Silhoutte On Your Crotch Rocket


Need to bring more tackiness to your life?  How about riding around town in a motorcycle shaped like a shark?  Yep, like a giddy, fat child on a kiddy bike.  Except you’re an old, fat dude on a full-sized crotch rocket.

Gerg Group’s Sharker is a concept motorbike that’s been intentionally designed to resemble everyone’s favorite sea predator.  It’s like Jaws On Wheels, except it won’t bite your leg off – maybe just run your left foot over if it smells blood.


Designed to “create a unique mobility experience,” the shark-shaped motorcycle actually has more going for it than the obvious cartoonish good looks.  It uses lightweight materials throughout its body (e.g. carbon-fibre monocoque), helping it achieve a sleek weight of only 140 kilos.    The seats and handlebars are both adjustable, allowing for a more adaptive driving posture.

According to the project page, it can go from 0 to 100 kms in just 4 seconds and push its power to a top speed of up to 280 kph.  It comes with a number of nifty features, including newly-designed hub-center steering, an electromechanical push-button gearbox, thumb-brakes for the rear wheels and keyless operation (it will require a passcode to start).

The last time I rode a motorized vehicle that looks like an animal was when I was six – it was an elephant bumpcar and, later that night, I dreamed it ate me.   Like that four-wheeled Dumbo, I totally expect a shark-shaped hog to be an awesome kiddie bike (and a source for many nightmares).  Not sure of the appeal for those into badass speedsters, though.  What do you guys think?

[Gerg Group via Born Rich]