The Sleep Coach Helps You Sleep Better At Night

the-sleep-coachAll right you flunkies…get those eyelids moving…get your heads in the game…get your brain not thinking…The Sleep Coach is going to teach you how to sleep!

The Sleep Coach is one of those devices that at first glance may seem like something that you wouldn’t need in your life except in special circumstances but then eventually proving its worth for a multitude of purposes.  First – we’ll explain what it is.  The Sleep Coach is a hand held device that runs on a 9 volt battery and uses a blue light that fades from dimmer to brighter to give you a way to tune your breathing to a slow and regular pattern.

This is great for people that have a hard time getting to sleep – but don’t want to rely on dependency causing sleep aids.  It’s also awesome for getting in tune for self hypnosis or meditation and it slowly dims and brightens regularly, training you to breathe properly with the same techniques taught by Yoga Masters.

The Sleep Coach has a timer that allows you to set it at seven or twenty-five minutes and shuts off after wards to save the battery.  It doesn’t work by sound like most mechanical sleep aids so your partner won’t be elbowing you to “shut that damn thing off” every night.  If you’re a troubled sleeper or a person that wants to practice yoga breathing techniques or meditation we think you should don your most comfortable pajamas, do some stretches and let The Sleep Coach teach you how to breathe and sleep.