The Smarter Coffee’s App Controls Will Let You Brew A Pot Before Getting Out Of Bed


A coffee machine with a built-in timer made a huge difference in people’s lives, allowing them to get up in the morning with a freshly-brewed pot awaiting them in the kitchen counter. Except, you know, the coffee always cooked on time every time, so whenever you decided to sleep in, you end up with a pot that’s not quite as fresh by the time you get up. The Smarter Coffee offers a modern update that could help.

Rather than stop at automatically brewing your coffee, the connected coffee maker comes with an accompanying app (iOS and Android) that lets you cancel the scheduled brewing, for those times you’d rather give in to the temptation of skipping work and catching more sleep, instead. You can also start the brewing back up on demand when you do feel a little more ready to leave the bed, so you can still have a fresh pot well before you ever muster the will to finally leave the comfort of your French Fries Bed.


The Smarter Coffee isn’t just a brewer, by the way, as it comes with a built-in grinder, so your coffee isn’t just freshly-brewed, the darn thing is freshly-ground, too. Both brewing and grinding can be controlled manually from the app, complete with settings for the coarseness of the ground and the strength of the coffee. You can even control how much coffee it makes, so whether you want just a single cup for yourself, two for you and the girl, or twelve to cover all the drunk people sleeping in the guest room, this thing can handle it.


It uses WiFi to connect to your home network, complete with IFTTT support, so you can synchronize it with most of the connected items that you own. And just in case you dropped your phone during last night’s drunken bender, you can still make coffee using onboard controls and a 3.5-inch LCD display.

Slated to hit shelves in May, the Smarter Coffee is priced at £149.99.

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