The Stake Chair: Scariest Stool Ever


When talking about horrendous furniture, most people usually refer to ugly pieces that few can bear to hold their gazes upon. The Stake Chair, on the other hand, not only makes you cringe when you look at it, it leaves you with a nagging fear every time to sit your ass down.

Designed by Russian designer Ton Guglya, it looks like a torture device of genius proportions. It stands on four legs, arranged much like a regular barstool. The seating area, however, has been replaced by a pointed pyramid block, with the sharp edge aimed squarely at the bottom of whoever sits on it.

To actually make it usable, as opposed to the horror showcase that it is, the Stake Chair gets a clear cube-like square seat housing the pointed object. Rather than actually damaging your very private area, it just scares you with the thought. Knowing full well that there’s a clear plastic barrier between you and the stake should inspire safety, although it really doesn’t.

Since the stake is a couple of inches from the actual surface you’ll be resting on, it will create the illusion that you’re comfortably floating on air. Of course, the pointed object that looks like it’s about to make contact with your ass provides the unnecessary comic relief. The nightmarish Stake Chair is currently a design concept and is not geared for production, although I can imagine this being a hit in bars everywhere.

[Ton Guglya via No Smarties]