The Strap Wall Organizer


We all need ways of organizing closets, rooms, and other areas, but it can be hard to find places to put bookshelves and other storage items.  In fact, some rooms simply have no more space for new storage units.  However, one very interesting way of adding more storage space involves adding straps.  The concept of the Strap takes ordinary bicycle straps and gives them a brand new use: storage.

The Strap is a great idea.  Basically, all you do is pull the strap across the wall so that it’s tight.  It looks like a large rubber band across your wall.  You can hang straps beside each other, above and below each other, and in any other combination you can think of.  Just be sure to have it stretched tight.  Then you slip items in between the two pieces of the strap, and you have instant storage!

The official Strap comes in four different colors, but who says you have to actually buy the item?  If you can find any sort of large rubber band-like device, you can make your own Strap for less.  Once you’ve found your Straps and have them secured to the wall, you can use them to store anything—children’s toys, cooking utensils, shoes, and more.  You may not be able to use it for flat, slick items like books, but then again, if you get it tight enough, who knows?  Of course, these colorful straps do more than just provide a place to hang things.  They also make an interesting bit of décor and can add a different look to any room.