The Super Colon: Learn How It Feels To Be Human Waste


Like most people, you’ve probably complained about feeling like crap sometimes.  To be brutally frank, I doubt you have any idea what being human waste matter is really like.  If you want me to take you seriously the next time you complain, pay a quick visit to  the Super Colon, a gigantic, realistic replica of the human colon that allows you to experience how it truly feels to be your digestive system’s discards.

Just like yesterday’s crap, you enter the Super Colon from the connection to the small intestine, make your trek around the colon’s tube-like halls and graduate from the journey by leaving through the rectum.  Designed as an interactive educational tool, it’s part of a traveling exhibit that seeks to teach people about preventing colorectal cancer.  The gross and life-like up-sized colon is an inflatable contraption that measures 20 feet long and eight feet high, enough to probably make you puke if you have a wild imagination.

It’s gross enough from the outside, but whoever created it really made sure the inside made you cringe. Filled with bloody veins and pimple-like lesions (that’s intended to show the different levels of colon damage), it’s like a scene straight out of one of Freddy’s stomach-turning nightmares.

You never know how to feel like crap unless you actually play the part for a day and make your way down the Super Colon.  You can check the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s official website to find out when it’s coming near you.

[Prevent Cancer Foundation via Cakehead]