The Touchless Toilet Flusher

touchless-toilet-handleWe live in the age of motion activation.  When we visit public restrooms the toilet, soap, faucet and even hand dryers are all motion activated.  We don’t know what to do when a device doesn’t automatically start up when you wave your hand in front of it – and feel a bit like Scotty talking into the mouse in Star Trek IV. “Hellooo Computer!”

Well, luckily for us the convenience of a magic wave of our hand to use appliances and fixtures is now available in a home model with the Touchless Toilet Flusher.  This marvel of modern hygiene is for the same purpose that public toilets don’t allow you to touch anything in them anymore – the simple fact that there are millions of bacteria in a bathroom and that a toilet flush handle alone has around 80 bacteria per square inch.

This is the same technology seen in your local public restroom, namely that it flushes after you depart.  Four C batteries enable up to 23,000 flushes and it’s easy to install even coming with it’s own screwdriver and flapper chain.  We think the fight against germs just got a bit easier with the Touchless Toilet Flusher.