The Transformers Home Edition: Roland Landsberg’s Boxetti Collection


The Boxetti Collection is like the Transformers of home furnishings.   In stealth mode, they look like a bunch of fancy-looking boxes.  Once you slide some compartments, pull out others and take out a few parts, however, they turn into functional home systems.

Dreamed up by designer Roland Landsberg, the collection is a showcase of minimalism – what else could be simpler than your entire house decked out in compact, solid blocks?  When you need to use each piece, simply roll out the modules like flipping blades off a Swiss Knife.  Easy peasy.


Easily the most awesome of the pieces is the Boxetti Thrill, a decked-out home entertainment system.  Compacted, it looks nothing more than an innocent closet (or a wild-looking fridge).  One punch on the remote, however, and the sliding door opens to reveal a woofer, a 7.1 channel receiver and a BD player.  Oh wait, it’s not yet done – there are two fold-out, hi-fi speakers and a 46-inch flatscreen TV on a Hafele lift system too.  That automatic transformation alone sounds more exciting than anything on basic cable these days.  There’s even a manually-accessible area where you can store your DVD collection.

Other components include a large wall module with a pull-out home office (complete with bookshelves) and a chill-out area, a bedroom module with a bed and a closet, a living room module that unfolds to a couch and a coffee table, and an all-out kitchen rig.  The neat and clean design turning out fully-usable home components is just astounding.


Pricing details for the Boxetti Collection are available on the site and, as you can imagine with anything this brilliant, it isn’t cheap.  If you’ve got a six figure budget to outfit your home, though, this thing should make for one of the most modern interior layouts you can find.