Mosquito-Proof Your Camp Site With The Thermacell Repellent Camp Lantern


Camping is fun. The sounds of bird chirping… the fresh breeze… the mosquitoes. Well, we never said it’s perfect. Fortunately, there are now more options than ever to protect yourself from the bloodsuckers, whether it’s laying down a mosquito-repellent blanket or keeping a kite patch to keep them away. Here’s another one: the Thermacell Repellent Camp Lantern.

Unlike most anti-mosquito lanterns, it doesn’t use a bug zapper to destroy all the unfortunate insects that come its way. Instead, it releases a compound called allethrin, a synthetic version of the substance the chrysanthemum flower uses as a natural repellent to keep mosquitoes, black flies, and other bugs away.


When turned on, the Thermacell Repellent Camp Lantern uses a butane cartridge to heat a mat containing allethrin, releasing the compound across an area measuring 15 x 15 feet to create a spacious zone where pesky insects aren’t likely to dare venture in. It runs completely silent and odorless, with no open flame, so there’s nothing to detract from the peaceful and quiet mood around the camp site. Both the butane cartridge and the pad are replaceable, with each cartridge lasting about 12 hours and each pad lasting for four.

The lamp itself measures 9.5 x 4 inches (height x diameter), with a 300-lumen lighting element powered by a single D-cell battery (a fresh batch can last it up to 50 hours at the highest setting). Features include water-resistance, a heavy-duty rubberized base, and a hanging clip on the underside of the lantern.

The Thermacell Repellent Camp Lantern is available now, priced at $59.99.

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