Thermaltake Core P5 Turns Your Gaming PC Into A Wall-Mounted Display


Remember Lian-Li’s Open Air Chassis, which houses PCs inside a transparent case, so you can show off the guts of your sweet gaming rig? The Thermaltake Core P5 takes the concept even further, fashioning a case with even more transparent sides that you can mount up a wall for really showing off.

That’s right, you can finally take down that art print that you never really liked but kept mounted because it looked better than an empty patch of wall and replace it with your desktop tower. Sure, computer guts probably isn’t the kind of art all the ladies will admire, but we’re talking about that part of the house that serves as your gaming station – a place where there’s absolutely nothing any ladies are likely to admire anyway, so it all works out.


The Thermaltake Core P5 is an open frame, mid-tower chassis with a transparent front and uncovered sides, so you can watch all your hardware at work from any angle. You’re not restricted to mounting it up walls, either, with detachable components that you can use to lay it down flat or upright like a regular tower. It can handle full-sized ATX motherboards and PSUs, up to two GPUs (including one mounting section parallel to the motherboard meant for use with a PCIe extension cable), a wide range of water-cooling setups (including a half-meter radiator with four 120 mm fans like in the picture), and up to four hard drives (two 2.5 inches, two 3.5 inches).


Want one? Slated to go on sale October 15th, the Thermaltake Core P5 is priced at $169.99.

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