Thermite Is A Robot Firefighter

We already use robots for clearing IEDs and gaining situational awareness.  Might as well give them that horrible job of with clearing out fires, too, right?  That’s exactly what they’re hoping to do with the Thermite RS1-T2, a firefighting automaton.

Made by Howe and Howe Technologies, the robot is designed to put out fires that occur in areas of extreme hazard.  You know, places where even trained human firefighters will be hesitant to enter, like chemical plants, nuclear reactors and zombie hospitals that could still be holding a few standing walkers.

The Thermite RS1-T2 is a remote-controlled robot that can be operated from a quarter of a mile away.  While it’s not exactly tiny at 74 x 35 x 44 inches (l x w x h), the size should allow it to fit into doorways and closed quarters without much problem, so it can enter any place a regular firefighter could (and even a few places they can’t).  That way, the droid  can literally substitute for humans on the job, all while being immune to smoke, fumes and fatigue — things that normally create problems for their less-robotic counterparts.

Armed with a 25bhp diesel engine, the robot can haul up to 1270 pounds of load on its steel and aluminum frame, which lets it double as a workhorse for carrying tools for its human counterparts.  It’s designed to hold a multi-directional nozzle backed by a pump that supplies 600 gallons of water per minute.

Need one for your world domination pursuits?  Price is $98,500.

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