These Animal Staple Removers Look Like Gnarly Beasts

Desktop novelties have always been unnecessary.  Nobody really needs a desktop robot vacuum, a desktop golf toy or a talking alien.   These Animal Staple Removers’ function, just like those, can easily be accomplished with cheap contraptions you can pick up from any office supplies store, but you have to admit — these things are a heck of a lot more fun.

With names like Snapping Gator, Lion’s Roar and Dragon’s Breath, each staple wire puller features the head of a fanged animal, with the pivoting blades acting as their teeth.  The resulting product is quite a sight to look at — making for a fun desktop toy to further clutter your office cubicle with.

Made by Jac Zagoory, the Animal Staple Removers come in a variety of detailed animal designs that include bears, elephants, sharks,  snakes, alligators and dinosaurs.  The grips are made of metal (instead of the usual plastic), with the rest of the parts configured just like regular office decleaters (two pairs of blades on a pivot).  Most notable of the pieces include Congo King (a gorilla), Dragon’s Breath (a toothy dragon)and Snake Bite (a scary-looking snake head).

We’re not sure if these are handcrafted, but the details on some of the animals are downright gorgeous (especially the dragon, the bear and the lion).  Price is a little over the top for a staple remover, though, starting at $78.  Still, if you want to decorate your desk with something special, these expensive office accessories will definitely stand out.