These Mix Master Gloves Will Double As An iPhone Remote

Mix Master Gloves sounds like the name of a new DJ rolling through the night clubs in town.  Well, it isn’t.  Instead, it’s a pair of gloves that feature an integrated wireless remote, so you can control the music playing on your iPhone while you’re strolling merrily on the way to class (and by class, we mean the 24-hour college bar).

With cold weather on the way, you’re going to be wearing gloves every time you leave the house soon.  So why not slip on a pair that will let you control the music on your iDevice without having to wear one of those awful-looking gloves with capacitive styluses on the fingers?

Made by Burton, the Mix Master Gloves are decked in a Gnar Guard genuine leather exterior, which the company claims “combines maximum comfort with durable weatherproof breathability,”   with a quick-drying microfiber lining, and Burton’s Dryride Insane Membrane (for added wicking and weatherproof performance).  The fit is articulated and pre-curved, so hand movement and grip should not be a problem.

The main selling point, though, is the built-in Fibertronic remote that’s built right into the gloves.  The outer side of the left hand comes with five buttons that you can use to perform a variety of actions to control the device in your pocket.  Oh yeah, you’re not restricted to headphone playing, too, since the remote can work from up to 100 feet away.  That means, you can leave the iPhone in the living room dock for your roommate to use, but control it to play nothing but “Gucci Gucci” over and over while you’re lying in bed.  With ear plugs on.

The Burton Mix Master Gloves are available now, priced at $159.95 a pair.