These Shiny Pickup Trucks Are Actually Bowls

They look more like shiny children’s toys than storage bowls, but bowls are exactly what these desktop Pickup Trucks are supposed to be.  You know for holding jellybeans and gummi bears and M&Ms and keys and condoms and other tiny items in the living room.  Hopefully, not all mixed in together, but we won’t judge.

Made by Areaware, the back of the truck serves as the open-top container for the bowl, which you can fill up with your stash like a real pickup on its way to a construction site.   Clad in a variety of handsome finishes (orange, white, chrome, gold and blue chrome), it makes for a gorgeous piece whether on a table by the front door, on a coffee table or on your desk at the office.

The Pickup Truck Bowls are the brainchild of designer Harry Allen, who patterned their design after his 1964 Willys Jeep.  It measures 12 inches long, 6 inches wide and 5 inches tall, making for a decent-sized truck with a spacious cargo bed for dumping your little stuff in.  Construction is cast resin and marble.

You can buy the Areaware Pickup Truck Bowls from All Modern, priced at $100 (for the orange and white) and $180 (for the chrome, gold and blue chrome).