Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope Can Amplify Body Sounds Upto 100 Times

The Thinklabs One is a digital stethoscope with all its components installed on the compact chestpiece. To use, simply plug in your favorite headphones to the stethoscope’s 3.5mm socket and listen to the murmurs, rumbles, and other sounds emanating from your patient’s torso.

No more listening to patients using tubing-style binaurals. Instead, you can use your best pair of Sennheisers (heck, even your favorite gaming headphones) to hear the sounds of health in perfect clarity. Even better, it can amplify body sounds up to 100 times louder, complete with a variety of audio filtering modes, enabling you to hear sounds better, clearer, and without interference.

You can also hook up the Thinklabs One to a mobile device or a computer for use with an accompanying app, which can visually display the waveform of every sound it picks up as well as save it as part of a patient’s record. That means, you can review sounds later, as well as zoom in on specific parts to better study a patient’s condition. It even comes with a library of pre-recorded heart sounds that doctors can use to compare against their own patient’s recordings.

Billed as “the smallest, most powerful stethoscope in the world,” it can slip comfortably into a pants pocket, ready to be pulled out any time it’s needed. It comes with an onboard rechargeable battery that can service up to 125 patients in a single charge.

Oh yeah, when choosing headphones to use with the One Digital Stethoscope, Thinklabs says it’s all about the bass. Forget the mids, forget the highs — a powerful bass will work best for listening to body sounds. Hence, why they’re selling it in a bundle with a pair of Apple’s bass-heavy Beats headphones ($799). Alternatively, you can get it with a generic pair of earbuds, priced at $499.

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