Put Out Your Alcohol Cravings With This Thirst Extinguisher Cocktail Shaker


When there’s a fire in the kitchen, you bring out the fire extinguisher to put out the flames. But what do you do when your throat is burning and thirsting for a stiff drink? That’s when you bring out this Thirst Extinguisher Cocktail Shaker.

Styled to look like a fire extinguisher, this novelty cocktail shaker lets you banish a hankering for alcohol in the same manly manner that you put out a fire. At least, close to it. Not only does it look like an active fire protection device, it dispenses alcohol in a similar way, too, discharging your libations out of a nozzle on a hose by squeezing down on a lever on top. It’s pretty awesome.

The Thirst Extinguisher is a beverage container clad in the form of a fire extinguisher. It recreates much of the familiar details, from the hose to the pump action handle to the pressure gauge, although the body is cast in transparent plastic, so you can see what the cocktail looks like inside. Heck, there’s even a ring on the body for locking down the nozzle when it’s not in use. While designed for men getting drunk on mixed drinks, it should make for an entertaining way to serve most any beverage, from fruit juices to sodas to your nightly supply of beer. Dimensions are 13.4 x 13.4 x 5 inches (h x l x w), with a 1.5 liter capacity – just enough beer to get you buzzing and enough cocktails to send you spinning into guaranteed slumber.

Want one? The Thirst Extinguisher is available from Amazon, priced at $19.99.

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