This Bluetooth Keyboard Doubles As Backup Battery

I now carry a Bluetooth mini-keyboard with me everywhere I go.  Pairing it with a big screen phone is just a whole lot more convenient than having to carry a laptop on the road.  If this 3-in-1 Dual-Connect Bluetooth Keyboard is any good for typing, it should be even better.

Yep, it’s from Brando, purveyor of gadgets that sound awesome, look useful and feel absolutely suspicious.  Yes, I’m not sure how good this one will work either, but I’d definitely like to test one out since it is pretty interesting.

Why?  Because the  3-in-1 Dual-Connect Bluetooth Keyboard isn’t just a wireless keyboard that lets you type with tactile keys on your phone.  Instead, it’s also a backup battery that you can use to give your phone a quick boost of power when you’re low on juice.  And since Brando loves bundling different features together, they decided to go ahead and put a torch light on this thing, too, just in case you fall into a manhole and need to navigate the sewage system to find your way out.  Or something like that.

Case design is boxy and flat, so you’ll probably need to get creative when using the 53-key layout (yes, with function-lock) to type.  For the most part, though, you’ll probably want this for the onboard 2,000 mAh battery, from which you can quickly replenish the charge on your one-bar smartphone via USB.  It’s compatible with mobile gadgets, PCs and Macs.

The Brando 3-in-1 Dual-Connect Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is available now, priced at $46.

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