This Cast-Iron T-Rex Can Open Your Beer And Soda Bottles With Its Mouth


When placed on top of the kitchen counter or home bar, the Dinosaur Bottle Opener looks nothing more than a toy that came out during the onslaught of Jurassic World merchandise. I mean, it’s got the ridiculously short T-Rex arms, the scary open mouth, and the overall adorable vibe we all imagine our prehistoric creatures possessing. Except, this thing can pop the cap off all your favorite bottled beverages like a boss.

While non-mounted bottle openers are typically equipped for handheld use, this thing is heavy enough to hold its ground at the bar or countertop. That means, all you have to do to open a bottle is to snap the cap on the dino’s mouth, although you can always pick it up like a regular bottle opener for two-handed use.


The Dinosaur Bottle Opener is made from cast-iron, which gives the prehistoric creature model its hefty build. It measures 9 x 5 inches (length x height), so it’s quite a big toy, allowing you to use it to terrorize your LEGO models and action figures whenever some destructive Godzilla-style action may seem fit. Heck, with the cast iron construction, this thing can make for a destructive weapon on its own, making it suitable for crushing garlic, ginger, or whatever else on the chopping board.


Available now, the Dinosaur Bottle Opener is priced at $39.99.

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