This Panasonic Emergency Flashlight Can Literally Use Any Battery

So, the apocalypse didn’t happen in December, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe.  It could just mean the end will come when we least expect it.  Like when Kim and Kanye’s spawn is born.  Or something. This Any Battery Light should be in your survival kit when that time comes.

We know, you already have a bagful of flashlights and other portable lighting instruments for your foray into post-apocalypse times.  But have you ever thought about where you’re going to get all the batteries to power those things?  Well, this new flashlight from Panasonic does everything else better by being able to work with practically any off-the-shelf disposable battery you can find.

Intead of just a single slot for the battery, the Panasonic Any Battery Light has compartments for AAA, AA, C and D batteries.  That way, it doesn’t matter which one you’re able to scrounge off the heaps of civilization — you can use it to light your way as you make moves and cut deals in the wild world of our crazy future.  The flashlight won’t use all batteries concurrently, though.  Instead, it will use one battery at a time, with a rotating power switch allowing you to transfer juicing duties to the AA once the AAA runs out and so on.

The flashlight itself isn’t the slickest thing, measuring 12.5 x 13.5 inches (h x d), but it comes with a handle for easy carrying.  When you load up with one each of the four battery sizes it can accommodate, the thing can be powered for 86 hours straight.

Set for availability January 25th in Japan, the Panasonic Any Battery Light will retail for 2,000 Yen (around $25).

[Panasonic Japan via Gizmodo]