This Laptop Desk Features A Built-In Sound System

Do you spend most of the time on a laptop either making or listening to music?  Then it should be hard to find a more fitting workstation than the La Boite LD120 Laptop Desk, which integrates a hi-fi sound system right into the table frame.

No, these aren’t just desktop speakers slotted into cabinets either — this is a high-quality sound system built into a functional work desk.  It’s the kind of table every budding digital producer should have, instead of a study table from IKEA.  That is, if their parents can afford the equally high-end price.

The La Boite LD120’s design is based on French school desks and measure 30 x 22.5 x 20.5 inches (h x w x d).  Granted, it’s a bit small if you have a lot of gizmo in tow, but you should be able to line it up with other desks of the same height to hold all your accessories.  Construction is piano-lacquerd MDF and leather blotter, with the power cable (for the sound system) available from one of the legs, hidden from sight.

It comes with seven speakers: two 2-inch tweeters, two 2.75-inch full range drivers, two 4-inch medium drivers and one 6-inch woofer, all pumping out tunes from the table’s front edge and bottom panels.  Features include a built-in USB DAC sound card, built-in amplifiers (2 x 25 watts and 1 x 70 watts), a 3.5-inch slot, RCA audio slots and a power outlet (so you can charge the laptop directly from the table).  Bass, treble and volume controls for the sound system are located at the rear end of the table, so they’re completely out of the way.  The company recommends pushing it to a wall to create a wide stereo image, even while you sit working on the desk.

You can buy the La Boite LD120 Laptop Desk now, priced at $1,680.

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