This Pennwick F5 Golf Cart Looks Better Than My Car

Tired of strutting around the golf course in your Mini-Hummer Cart?  Go the sports car route this time around with the Pennwick F5, a custom golf cart that’s been styled to look like a Ferrari.

The product page calls it the “most exotic, desirable and simply awe-inspiring luxury custom golf cart around.”  Given the fact that it still looks like a child’s toy, I’m not really sold.  Right next to the self-same golf carts all the other clowns are driving in the greens, though, this thing is about as rockstar as it gets.

So how did Pennwick build an Italian sports car over a standard golf cart chassis?  Well, they didn’t.  Instead, the Pennwick F5 is built on the company’s new ClubCar chassis, which has been designed to allow for fancy car-like creations similar to this one.  The base model packs an electric drivetrain with a 40-mile range and a 20 mph top speed, along with a heavy-duty fiberglass body, a 48-volt charging system, side mirrors, headlights, taillights and your usual roster of recreational vehicle parts.

If you require a little more power, you can upgrade to either a 4hp or a 6hp gasoline engine for maximum speeds of up to 25 mph.  Other options include 15-inch rims, a hard top, leather seats, a chrome steering column, a stereo package, a golf bag holder and even a 6-seater configuration.

While the Pennwick F5 is just a golf cart, it’s actually priced like an Italian Sports Car version of one.  Wallet damage starts at $20,500 for the base configuration.