THRiVE Can Turn Food Waste Into Ready-To-Use Compost In Just 2.5 Hours

There’s no shortage of compost solutions for home use, allowing you to turn your food scraps into soil additive you can use to nourish the plants in your garden. It’s an easy and relatively hassle-free way to reduce the amount of waste your home produces. Only problem? Traditional composting can take weeks, requiring you to keep all that food waste for extended periods of time. And they don’t smell too good. The THRiVE is a countertop machine that will let you turn your food scraps into compost in just 2.5 hours.

That’s right, this high-speed composter can turn your home’s food waste (and other compostable products) into ready-to-use soil enrichment material in just 2.5 hours, sparing you from the hassle of accumulating days’, if not weeks’, worth of food waste. No more stocking smelly leftovers, kitchen discards, and dinner scraps for extended periods – this thing lets you turn all the day’s organic waste into compost that very same night.

The THRiVE looks like an erstwhile regular-looking compost bin, coming in a boxy form factor that measures 15 x 11.4 x 9.8 inches. Except, of course, it’s fitted with a powerful electric motor that will accelerate the breakdown of organic waste into dry 100 percent organic compost that’s ready to use, with the machine performing the necessary heating and grinding all on its own. It will also turn off automatically as soon as the cycle is done, so all you have to do is push a single button and you’ll be able to leave it unattended.

Will it be noisy? Apparently not, as it supposedly produces a mere 35 decibels of noise, so while it will leave you with some humming in the kitchen, it’s not likely to create a disturbance while you watch TV in the living room, relax in the bedroom, or get some work done in the home office. It won’t use up too much energy, either, requiring only a maximum of 0.7KW for each cycle.

The THRiVE’s stainless steel main container can hold up to 2.5-liters’ worth of food waste, which is more than enough for a couple days’ worth for average families, so you can simply dump all the scraps, bones, and leftovers that end up in the kitchen counter and the dining table directly into the machine. According to the outfit, the THRiVE is able to reduce the volume of food waste by 80 percent once it turns into compost, too, making it easy to move it to a different container as soon as the processing is done. And yes, the main container is dishwasher-safe, so you can simply throw it in with the rest of the dishes after you’ve finished a composting cycle.

Because you can compost, pretty much, everyday using this thing, it should eliminate any unpleasant odors you would otherwise accumulate with traditional methods. Just in case you’re composting naturally smelly foods, it also has a built-in deodorizing ventilation system that will eliminate all moisture and unpleasant odors in short order, so it’s going to be a lot gentler on your olfactory system.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for THRiVE. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $209.

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