ThrowRaft TD2401 Crams An Auto-Inflating Safety Float Inside A Compact Case


Life vests and similar floatation devices are genuine lifesavers in the water, which is why it’s such a bad idea to leave shore without one. Yet, we frequently do, since, let’s face it, they’re usually awkwardly-sized and cumbersome to keep around. The Throwraft TD2401 wants to change that.

A personal floatation device, it crams into a small pack measuring just 11 x 4 inches, making it easy to throw into the cargo area of any small boat for easy access in the event of an emergency. Granted, it’s not quite as ready-to-deploy as the wrist-worn Kingii, but you also won’t have to be stuck having a large object on your forearm the entire time.


The ThrowRaft TD2401 automatically inflates when it’s submerged in water, so as soon as it falls into a lake, river, or ocean, the darn thing will deploy into a buoyant cushion you can hold on to for dear life. When inflated, it transforms into a float measuring 22 x 21 inches, with webbing straps on the sides for easily grabbing when you’re on the water. It’s not just some random off-the-shelf float, too, as it’s a Type IV PFD that’s approved by the US Coast Guard, with a minimum buoyancy of 20 pounds.


It uses a standard marine CO2 re-arm kit, so the float can be repacked and rigged for multiple uses. Features include a high-visibility yellow finish, a throwing handle in pouch mode for maximum leverage during deployment, and a throwing distance of 40 feet.

Available now, the ThrowRaft TD2401 is priced at $129.99.

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