ThumbSaver Saves Your Fingers From A Hammering

Buying that Hardcore Hammer seemed like a good idea at the time.  Armed with a super strong head and a heavy blow, it can definitely ram nails like it’s nobody’s business.  Problem is, your aim sucks, so broken thumbs and cracked nails have become part of your regular handyman duties as well.  Enjoy your hammering sans the injuries with the Thumbsaver, a finger-saving contraption that holds the nails in place so you don’t have to.

Created by long time framing contractor Robert Meitzler, the hand tool has a magnetized tip that lets you hold any nail, screw or staple in place without requiring you to pinch at it with your own fingers.  That way, you can miss the target completely without having to smash your prissy little digits.

Instead of having to use your fingers to keep nails steady, you just have to keep your hand around the Thumbsaver’s rubberized handle, which sits at a safe distance from the hammer.  The grip is wrapped around an aluminum bar with the nail-setting magnet on the other end.  That way, every time you miss, the durable aluminum (which should handily withstand multiple beatings) can  take the brunt of the blow.

Sounds simple?  Well, it is, making the fact that you’ve done without one for so long even more surprising .  Aside from holding nails and screws in place, the tool should prove plenty usable for retrieving nuts, bolts, screws, nails and staples that get lodged in less-than-accessible places.

The Thumbsaver Magnetic Nail Setter is available from Amazon, priced at $12.99.