You Can Pilot The Tie Shift Drone Using Just One Hand


Most drones are piloted using joystick controllers no different from the ones people use to fly RC planes and helicopters. And while it works well enough, doesn’t an advanced aerial vehicle deserve similarly more advanced means of operation? That’s what the Tie Shift Drone brings with its innovative thumb controller.

Bringing a new type of controller, the drone can be piloted using a cylinder-shaped bar that you grip in one hand and a ring that you place on that hand’s thumb. That’s it.  Your other hand is completely freed up that entire time, so you can use it to hold a drink, write a text message, or even hold another camera so you can film yourself while flying a drone, since that’s what people do these days.


The Tie Shift Drone’s hand-gripped controller comes with sensors at the top that interact with the thumb ring. The drone will, basically, follow your thumb movements, flying upwards if you raise your thumb, going left if your thumb moves left, and flying forward if you push your thumb in that direction, among other predefined movements. And, yes, it comes with accessories that allow you to mount your phone on the grip controller, so you can use it to watch real-time feeds.


While the controller is, undoubtedly, the attraction here, the drone is pretty good, too. Features include a 4K camera positioned at a 90-degree tilt with a 94-degree field of view, a max speed of 49 mph, and 30 minutes of flight time.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Tie Shift Drone. Pledges to reserve a unit start at $790.

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