Massage Your Muscles In 24K Gold Using The Tiger Tail 24K Body Roller


Does the world really need a foam roller that’s covered in 24K gold? We don’t know. If you’re looking to show off how disgustingly rich you are, however, then having the Tiger Tail 24K displayed in a shelf at your home gym will definitely do the trick.

Granted, this isn’t actually a foam roller because we don’t think plating foam is a very good idea. Instead, it’s one of those muscle rollers cut in a stiff metal alloy that should allow you to target larger muscles in a more precise manner. Except, you know, it’s been bathed in the opulent shiny and yellow metal, so you can look like a total douche in the gym while you massage tight muscles along your back, legs, and arms right after a workout.

While it’s obviously a gimmick product, the Tiger Tail 24K isn’t all for show. In fact, it’s actually a functional muscle roller that you can use for myofascial release, whether you’re rolling on the gym floor all by yourself or, since you’ve got disgusting amounts of money, with the personal trainer you’re paying to take care of you during exercise. Finally, a muscle roller to match the gold edition Apple Watch and gold-plated Sony Walkman you always have with you while working out.

It uses the same Gription technology as the rest of the outfit’s body rollers, which rely on it to create a strong grip and deep friction that more effectively busts out knots while encouraging faster recovery times. Simply put, if you’ve found any of Tiger Tail’s previous creations to have a positive effect on your muscle recovery, chances are, this tool will do the same thing, albeit in a decidedly more luxurious (and, let’s be honest, ridiculous) manner.

Instead of combining a stiff core with a closed-cell foam surface, the Tiger Tail 24K is cut in bronze metal that’s then plated in 24-karat gold, so it’s hard and firm when it comes in contact with your body. We don’t know if they include a cushioned removable foam cover that you can place over the stick during use, since we don’t imagine cold metal being all that great to brush against your skin. It does, however, come with a similar non-slip grip as the outfit’s standard rollers, so you should be able to freely use this on any body part without losing control at any time.

As with the outfit’s other stick-type muscle rollers, it comes as a single solid bar without any beads, gaps, or spindles, so it will never pinch your skin, snag on your clothing, or catch onto your hair while you perform your self-massage movements. The simple and straightforward design also makes it dead-easy to use, ensuring someone can see it for the first time and immediately figure out how to work the tool. From what we can tell, it has similar dimensions as the Tiger Tail’s Classic, which gives you 18 inches of the stiff massaging surface.

The Tiger Tail 24K is priced at $5,000.

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