This Stationary Bike Can Collapse Into A Box The Size Of A Small Luggage


We’ve seen plenty of designs in foldable exercise bikes and they can be pretty compact. So far, though, we haven’t quite seen anything like this Tight Space Exercise Bicycle, which folds down into dimensions resembling nothing more than a carry-on suitcase.

That’s right, this exercise bike collapses into a form factor measuring just 25.75 x 23 x 6.75 inches (width x height x depth), allowing you to neatly stash it under the bed, inside the closet, or even a larger cabinet drawer. Seriously, that’s about as much space taken up by a piece of luggage, making it arguably the most convenient exercise bike design we’ve seen to date.


The Tight Space Exercise Bicycle doesn’t take on the same form factor as a traditional stationary bike, looking like an entirely different thing at first glance. Suffice to say, this appears to be a rethinking of the exercise bike from the ground up, with a particular focus on minimizing size. As such, it gets rid of stuff deemed unnecessary, focusing only on what a person will need to actually get a workout similar to the one they can get while jumping on a stationary bike in the gym.

Perhaps the most notable omission is the missing handlebars, which takes away the option of leaning forward while riding the bike. Well, you can still lean forward – it’s just going to be awfully harder to keep your balance since there’s nothing to lean or grab onto. As such, you’re supposed to ride the bike with an upright posture, keeping both hands on the sides while you pedal over and over. We know, that posture is probably a little too relaxed for folks who like going hard during workouts, although you can probably get away with leaning or grabbing onto something else if you want to go harder (e.g. riding it standing). You can, for instance, position the bike facing the wall and use it for support, as well as use the backrest of a chair, a cane, or something similar to help you keep your balance.


The Tight Space Exercise Bicycle also comes with a pull-out saddle that you can adjust in height to find the most comfortable position, all while pushing down flush on top of the box, so everything is bundled up nice and tight when collapsed. Eight different height positions are available for the saddle, with the seat cut in EVA foam for extended riding comfort. It can support riders up to 264 pounds, so it should accommodate most individuals.

The wheel and the pedals are integrated right on the box, with magnets providing eight different levels of adjustable resistance at the turn of a dial. Both the pedals and support bars at the base of the rig are designed to fold in, too, allowing you to keep everything tightly bundled when stowing it away. The whole thing weighs just 44.5 pounds, so you can easily move it to any room in the house.

Available exclusively at Hammacher Schlemmer, the Tight Space Exercise Bicycle is priced at $249.95.

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