Tile Shrinks Their Bluetooth Tracker By 25 Percent For Even More Convenient Use


We’re big fans of Tile’s popular Bluetooth tracker and its handy feature set. Truth be told, it’s pretty perfect. However, even the best things offer some room for improvement and that’s what we get with the Tile Mate, which retains all the features of the original while coming in an even smaller size.

Measuring 25 percent smaller than the previous generation, it should take even less room, whether you put it on a key fob, a bag loop, or any other gear you want to keep tabs on.  Do note, it’s still quite thick to comfortably keep in a wallet, so you’ll still have to rely on the outfit’s slim tracker for that.


The Tile Mate retains the hole on the top left corner, so you can easily place it on any hook, loop, or strap. There’s also a version with adhesive backing if you prefer one that you can simply stick onto the surface of any item you can’t afford to lose. When you can’t find an item, you simply use the app to make it play a sound. If no sound plays, that means the item is out of Bluetooth range (up to 100 feet), at which point you should use the app to check its last known location and start your search from there.


Features include four preset ringtones, an 88 decibel sound (so it’s reasonably loud), IP5 water resistance, and a battery life rated up to one year of use. And, yes, pressing any Tile paired to your phone will cause the phone ring, allowing you to use it to find your phone when it’s the one missing.

Available now, the Tile Mate is priced at $25.

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