Timberland Radler Trail Camp Shoes Can Fold In Half, Zipper Shut

When you’re out on a hike with limited backpack space, having  a backup pair of shoes is usually a luxury you can’t afford to have.  While these Timberland Radler Trail Camp Shoes can’t quite fit in your pocket, they do fold up and zip tight for easier portability.

Designed specifically for packing, each shoe can fold into half and then zippered, so it only takes half the space a shoe normally would.  As such, it’s easier to cram into your already-busting Dryzone 200 backpack, so you can have an extra pair of footwear in case a bear decides to steal your shoes while you’re dozing off in a Kammok Roo.

The Timberland Radler Trail Camp is a lightweight shoe designed for the rugged outdoors.  It features a durable and water-repellent ripstop upper fabric, rubber lug outsoles for extra traction (made from 42% recycled rubber, for you treehuggers out there), and a fleece-lined footbed so your feet can feel comfortable.  While it’s probably not as outdoors-vetted as your favorite pair of hiking kicks, it does look pretty functional as an emergency backup pair (or your go-to shoes for moving around the camp).

The caveat?  Since the shoes fold with the soles outside, it’s quite the dirty thing to put back in the bag after using.  Not a problem, though, since the kicks can also be hooked to a carabiner for dangling on your pack (heck, hang it on your belt loop for extra fashion points, you trendsetter).

Being quite the clever packable doesn’t make the Timberland Radler Trail Camp Shoes  extra expensive either.  It’s available now in three colors (black, red, orange), priced at a fair-sounding $65.