Exclusive – Timberland Ugly Sweater Boots Unboxing In 2 Minutes


If you’re going to spend the holidays wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, why not wear matching ugly garments along with them? That’s exactly what you can do with the Timberland Ugly Sweater Boot, which decks the classic six-inch boot in horrific festive ornamentation.

That’s right, you can now purchase accompanying footwear for all the ugly sweaters you’ll be wearing this season, so you can look especially festive when attending the office party, meeting up with friends, or visiting relatives with gifts in tow. If you want to go all-in, you can even pick up one of Shinesty’s ridiculous Christmas suits and pair this with that to make your own personal Christmas fashion statement.

The Timberland Ugly Sweater Boot is, pretty much, the same classic six-inch waterproof boot the outfit has been making since the 70s. That means, it comes with the same premium leather upper, water-sealed seams, and 400 grams of Primasoft insulation, so you can wear it out in inclement weather without getting your socks wet. Durable direct-attach construction and rust-proof hardware means you can have ugly shoes to wear for many holidays to come, while padded leather collars, dual-layer midsoles, and laces that are engineered to stay tied will keep you comfortable the entire time you wear it. So yeah, it’s just like the iconic yellow six-inch boot that still looks cool to this day. Except, you know, it looks like a Christmas sweater.

That means, they swapped the yellow leather finish for a “red nubuck” colorway, which should go much better with the holiday spirit. They also took the effort to make it look like a truly ugly Christmas sweater, decking it in white-colored silhouettes of snowflakes, reindeers, and, well, we can’t really make out what else is on there, but it definitely carries a very festive feel.

You can check out the Timberland Ugly Sweater Boot directly from the outfit’s website. Do note, it’s out of stock online, so your best bet is to hit the local stores if you want to pick one up.