Timberleaf Trailers Bring Serious Creature Comforts In A Light And Compact Camper


Towing a large trailer during camping allows you to bring a good load of creature comforts to the outdoors. Problem is, hauling a trailer brings its own set of problems, from the sheer size of that motorhome you’re dragging along to the mechanical problems that can come up along the way. As such, we’re not surprised at the growing popularity of compact campers like the Timberleaf Trailers.

With a base size of 10.3 x 5 feet (l x h) and a dry weight of 1,240 pounds, it’s small and light enough to be towed behind even smaller cars, apart from making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces even with a trailer in tow. And despite the limited size, they manage to squeeze in a good load of amenities, ensuring you’ll enjoy plenty of creature comforts even while spending an extended amount of days off the grid.


The Timberleaf Trailer comes in a teardrop shape, with an anodized aluminum exterior that can be finished in a generous selection of colors. Open the back to turn up a fully-functional kitchen, which comes complete with a sink, a water dispenser, a custom Birch insulated cooler, a pull-out gas cooktop, and plenty of storage room. Inside, the fully-insulated cabin gets a Colorado Queen mattress (same length as queen size, but 3 inches narrower), cabinets, headboards, two vented windows, two door with windows, a vent fan to keep the air cool, and a tinted skylight.


Other base features include a power package (battery, outlets, and charger), a 12 gallon storage tank under the cabin, a rear hatch with two hydraulic gas props, and a full-size spare tire. Options, of course, come aplenty, so you can trick this thing out with serious luxuries if your budget’s up to the task.


Available now, pricing for Timberleaf Trailers start at $15,250.

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