Time Concept Spray Sprinkler Combines Watering Can And Spray Bottle Into One

If you keep plants, whether in pots or a small garden, chances are, you have both a watering can and a spray bottle, allowing you to pour a heavy flow or spray a gentle mist, depending on what your plants need at any given time. The Time Concept Spray Sprinkler combines those two gardening tools into one, eliminating the need to bring both each time you go out to water the plants in the backyard.

That’s right, it’s a watering can that combines a long-necked nozzle on one end and a spray nozzle on the other, essentially creating a gardening tool that can dump and spray water with equal aplomb. No need to keep both a watering can and a spray bottle in the garden – just leave this one thing on there and you’ll be ready to nourish your plants with all the water that they need.

The Time Concept Spray Sprinkler is, basically, a standard watering can, with a long spout for precisely dispensing water and a large handle that facilitates full control whenever you’re pouring. In fact, you’ll immediately recognize it as such as soon as you see it in the backyard somewhere, so you can use this as a regular watering can if that’s all you need at the moment. Keep looking at the darn thing, though, and you’ll notice something unusual.

Specifically, the top end of the handle is connected to a neck-shaped structure that’s capped off with a spray head, which you can use to spritz water onto orchids, begonias, and other plants that can benefit greatly from it. Just make sure to hold it like a spray bottle when misting since you’ll end up spraying yourself if you grab it by the handle. From what we can tell, the spray head looks removable, so you can take it off and put it in a drawer if you don’t plan to use it in the meantime.

A large uncovered hole at the top side of the of the Time Concept Spray Sprinkler lets you quickly fill it up from any faucet (no need to unscrew a cap or open a lid), while a flat base lets you set it down on, pretty much, any surface without falling over and spilling its contents. Dimensions are 13 x 10.9 x 3.4 inches (width x height x depth), which is probably a good size to keep for most homeowners tending to small gardens in their backyards. There’s no word on how many ounces of water it can hold, but it looks like it can actually carry a bit. Do note, the handle is on the end, rather than at the top, which could make it a little awkward to carry (the weight will be pulling your wrist down) when you fill it up with water. The watering can, by the way, comes in a variety of colors, so you can use it to add a little personality to your erstwhile drab gardening gear.

The Time Concept Spray Sprinkler is available now.

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