Timex 80 Metal Prints Slap Funky Designs On Classic Watches

Not a fan of those digital Timex watches that look like they belonged to some dude from 1981?  We’re guessing someone at Timex was thinking the same thing with the Timex 80 Metal Prints collection, since they  went dolling the things up into funky timepieces today’s young folks aren’t likely to mind lining on their wrists.

They used regular Timex watches as the base for the design, complete with its 80s-era face, steel case and expandable steel bracelet. Instead of leaving them unappetizingly retro, though, the steel bands have been decked in colorful fancy prints that bestow the classics some much-needed funk (or a little too much funk, if you’re not into it).

The Timex 80 Metal Prints come in five designs: Silver Lamour, Black De Lace, Goldie Mac Wilde, Black Mon Zebra and Black La Tiki.  We’re guessing you can tell which is which from the names alone.  Personally, I’m partial to that Goldie Mac Wilde, although that Black La Tiki looks like it could actually make for a better Space Invaders watch (just replace the tiki symbols with ships and aliens).

All the watches feature INDIGLO night-light (hence, the green backgrounds), digital chronograph and water resistance up to 30 meters.  We don’t know if Timex watches can still “take a licking and keep on ticking” these days, but these steel-cased ones do look like they can survive a fun party.

Each of the five models for the Timex 80 Metal Prints collection is now available from Parisian boutique Colette’s, priced at €75.