Timex Camper x Stranger Things 40mm Puts A Demogorgon On Your Wrist

Sometimes, you see a pop culture themed watch and it’s little more than a regular model with new colors and logos slapped on it. Other times, you get a more elaborate crossover with plenty of details that bring the spirit of the theme alive. The latter is definitely the case with the Timex Camper x Stranger Things 40mm, which embraces the Upside Down in more ways than a casual look will reveal.

That’s right, there’s a new season of Stranger Things on Netflix and, naturally, a new batch of themed merch have dropped to help you celebrate another year with the gang from Hawkins, Indiana. Whether you love the show, enjoy its campy 80s vibe, or just appreciate thoughtfully-crafted pop culture timepieces, this is a watch that can definitely find its place into your daily rotation.

The Timex Camper x Stranger Things 40mm takes the outfit’s classic Camper timepiece and updates it into a watch that looks like it belongs in the Upside Down. Most noticeable of the changes is the dial, which gets all 12 of its numeral hour indicators turned upside down, so it looks like it belongs in the parallel dimension. Granted, we don’t think they actually have watches in the Upside Down, but if they did, maybe they do end up looking like this timepiece if the whole theory about it being a dark reflection of our own actually holds.

It also gets a stranger a red Stranger Things logo right by the six o’ clock position, just in case the upside down numbers weren’t enough to let you know about the reference. All this is done on a black dial with white markings, hands, and indicators, housed inside a matte black resin case and a black strap in a nod to the dark and sinister place that lie beneath the otherwise sleepy small town.

The Timex Camper x Stranger Things 40mm gets even better when worn with the lights out. That’s because the dial is actually decorated with Indiglo Night Light imagery of a Demogorgon, which only reveals itself in the dark. Paired with the blood red backlighting, it creates a truly otherworldly sight that, let’s be honest, makes an otherwise fine watch appear a whole lot cooler. Seriously, this thing looks awesome in the dark, with the all-black case and strap contrasting with the scary monster on the dial. Rounding the theme out is a Stranger Things logo engraved in the case back.

Like most Timex watches, it runs on a quartz analog movement, so it’s just as easy to use and as reliable at timekeeping as any Timex you have in your dresser. Other features include 50 meters of water resistance, 20mm lug width, a stainless steel crown, and a buckle closure. While we haven’t actually watched the new season yet, the product page says Lucas Sinclair (portrayed by Caleb McLaughlin) wears it in the new installment of the show.

The Timex Camper x Stranger Things 40mm is available now, priced at $89.

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