These Tiny Tents Are Perfect To Get Your Dogs And Cats Camping Around The House


There’s no good reason to pitch a tent in your house. I mean, you’re home, so what do you need an extra roof for? Turns out we’re wrong since we’re totally loving these Tiny Tents.

A shrunk-down version of camping tents, it’s designed for use as rooms for your dogs and cats, as well as whatever whimsical purpose you can find for it. Want to build a tabletop camping scene with your action figures? This thing should do the trick. Want to give your small kids a fort during play? Yep, this will work for that, too.


The Tiny Tent comes in two sizes: small and large. The former measures 19 inches on all sides, making it suitable for housing cats and integrating into tabletop scenes with six-inch action figures, while the latter stretches the room to 29 inches, making it big enough to serve as a private space for 50-pound dogs. It’s built like a regular tent, too, with fiberglass poles, steel connectors, flame-retardant nylon construction, and even a removable rainfly, so you can set it up as a separate tent for your pets when bringing them along during camping. Two colors are available: blue and green.


Features include two doors with functional zippers, two windows with ventilation screens, a tarpaulin floor, and a stake-free design that allows it to be set up on any surface. It comes with its own bag for easy transport.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Tiny Tent. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $12.

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