Tipoon Camper Trailer Compacts To 1/3 Of The Size For Easier Towing


It looks like any compact camper trailer – you know, the kind you’ll tow behind your car for a weekend of adventuring in the backcountry. Beneath that unassuming exterior, though, the Tipoon hides an expandable function that allows it to transform into a much bigger shelter once you arrive at your destination.

Equipped with a living area that expands to three times its original size, the camper enables unique convenience for its occupants, allowing you to tow a small and compact trailer while enjoying a spacious camper once the transformation is finished. Whether you want to spend a year on the road or just need a camper you can take out during weekends, this thing should offer an excellent living space that strikes a nice balance between size and comfort.


The Tipoon is a standalone pod that you’ll need to combine with a separate trailer platform to turn it into a functional camper. When completely collapsed, it measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 13.5 feet (height x width x length), which should be small enough to park inside most garages without any special accommodations needed. Do note, the actual length will depend in the length of the trailer’s drawbar, so 13.5 feet is the absolute shortest configuration, with the longest likely reaching just under 15 feet.

A remote control allows you to control the size, with two options in expansion, either half-open or completely open. In half-open mode, the trailer rises in height to 8.2 feet, in order to raise the headroom to accommodate standing individuals up to 6’2”. One of the side panels also sticks out in order to create a hall inside where people can walk in. According to the outfit, the half-open mode is ideal when making pit stops, allowing you to access the camper’s interior without having to open it completely. At this size, it will also still fit in a standard-width parking spot.


Once you get to camp, use the remote to activate the Tipoon’s full-size mode, at which point it will once again rise to 8.2 feet while expanding the width to its maximum 10.5 feet. The camper, by the way, will stabilize all on its own, so there’s no need to add any supports for the expanded sections. According to the outfit, the expanded size provides a living space ideal for up to four people.


Inside, the camper can be outfitted in a variety of ways, although to help simplify matters, they offer a basic layout that combines a kitchen (a sink and a countertop), a dining area, a bathroom with a shower, and a two-person bed. The dining area can be removed in favor of extra beds if you need to accommodations for four, with all sections under the beds turning into storage compartments. The transforming mechanism, by the way, runs on a rechargeable battery that, down the line, will be compatible with solar panels. Options include a toilet, a 50-liter fridge, LED lighting, and more.

Slated to ship in June, pricing for the Tipoon starts at $29,742.

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