Tire Belt Uses Discarded Bike Tires To Hold Your Pants Up


Even bicycle tires don’t need to end up in a landfill after they’ve blown past their useful life.  The Tire Belt shows off one way to do it, upcycling erstwhile trash heap fodder into a fashionable-looking accessory.

Creator Julien Jaborska, a self-professed bike-riding fanatic, scours junk piles, bike shop garbage bins and other places where bicycle refuse ends up for his finds.  His creations are sourced from a gamut of bicycle types, with pieces crafted out of tires from BMX bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes and whatever else he can get his hands on.


Naturally, each Tire Belt differs in design, colors and materials, depending on the original tires they were sliced out of.  As a result, some end up looking more awesome than others.  He adds black rubber for backing on every inch-wide belt, along with a buckle made from nickel-plated steel.

All belts get seven holes apiece, each one an inch apart.  Non-buckled end is sliced round, but you’ll have to specify your size, so he can cut it accordingly before shipping.


If you’re looking for a unique piece of fashion accessory, the $30 Tire Belt sure looks like a sound bet.  It’s not an original idea (you’ve probably seen something similar in the past), but Julien is the first one I’ve seen to sell pieces for this low a price.

[Etsy via The Jailbreak]