A Set Of Touch-Activated Environmental Sensors Make The Tissot Pocket Touch A Potentially Useful Pocket Watch For Our Modern Times

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A pocket watch in 2015? Yep, not interested. A digital pocket watch with a touchscreen? Yeah, still not interested. But what if that pocket watch came with an array of environmental sensors that you’re likely to find useful when engaging in outdoor adventures? That’s exactly what the Tissot Pocket Touch brings.

Armed with a digital compass, thermometer, altimeter, and barometer, it lets you take a variety of readings that can prove valuable to your outdoor experience. Whether you’re trying to find your way back after getting lost in the woods, planning a wingsuit jump, or trying to beat a previous personal record for highest climb, those sensors should prove a useful companion in an easy-to-access pocket tool.

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The Tissot Pocket Touch combines both an analog dial and a single-line LCD, so you can use it display two time zones concurrently. The LCD panel, though, also serves as display for the various onboard sensors, which you access by activating the touchscreen function. Once activated, you simply push the designated section on the sapphire crystal dome to use a specific sensor or watch feature, with physical buttons on the side allowing you to adjust any of the settings.

It measures just 48mm in diameter (like a wristwatch), so it shouldn’t take that much space even in a crowded pocket. Features include a Swiss ETA caliber E48.311 quartz movement, steel case, backlight, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

Available in two colors (white and black), the Tissot Pocket Touch is priced at $950.

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