Titanium Entry Card Arms You With Two Sets Of Lock Picks In Your Wallet

Experienced lock pickers can probably improvise opening doors using a whole host of stuff they can find around the vicinity.  Folks who only break into a lock when the need arises (such as when you’re locked out of the house, you lose the cabinet keys or when you discover a hidden treasure inside a locked chest) will need proper tools to do the job.  This Titanium Entry Card should get you sufficiently equipped.

Sized to fit into a wallet (3.5 x 2.25 inches), the card comes with two full sets of lock-picking tools that you can detach with a snap for immediate deployment.  That way, all you have to do is pull the thing out of your wallet when the need to pry a lock open comes up and be sufficiently armed for the job.

Made by ITS Tactical, the Titanium Entry Card is constructed from aircraft-grade titanium, ensuring it’s strong enough to withstand working with even the toughest lock materials.  Measuring just 0.32 inches thin, it adds little bulk to your wallet, all while keeping you ready for any raking or single-pin picking duty.  Set includes a pair of torsion wrenches, two single hump and two triple hump picks.

Want to bring one during your travels?  No problem, since it has a non-magnetic signature, ensuring you go through airport security with no hassle.  It also includes a durable Tyvek sleeve for keeping it unscathed while in your wallet.

The ITS Titanium Entry Card is available now, priced at $49.99.

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