Titanium Utility Ring Puts A Multi-Tool On Your Finger

I love the idea behind the Titanium Utility Ring.  Instead of carrying a multi-tool in your pocket, just put all those fold-out tools in a finger band and save your pocket space for keys, cash and, I don’t know, a third phone.  Or something.

Yep, it’s a multi-tool in a ring — kind of like the jewelry you’ll expect Victorinox to make if they ever get in the business of body adornment.  The sucky part?  Because it’s a ring, the tools are very small.  Like, seriously small.  Do you really expect me to fix my hair with a comb this small?!?

I digress.  Maybe if I wanted to fix my Furby’s hair, the Titanium Utility Ring’s comb will be plenty useful.  So will that saw if I want to cut a popsicle stick.  Yeah, that’s it.  The rest of the tools should be relatively useful for similarly small tasks: a bottle opener (for popping beers open with your fist), a straight blade (for stabbing your Furby when it finally drives you to insanity), and a serrated blade (for cutting through straps and tape).

The ring is made from brass-riveted aerospace grade titanium plates, with a brushed finished outside and polished finish inside (so it wears comfortably).  All five fold-in tools sit at the top, crammed inside the frame’s 9mm-wide confines.  Every ring is built to order and custom fitted to your exact size.

Want one?  You can order the Titanium Utility Ring at the seller’s Etsy store, priced at $385.

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