Tiwal 3.2 Is A Sailing Dinghy That Can Fit In The Trunk Of Your Car


No, it’s not quite a full-fledged sailboat. In fact, the darn thing looks more like an oversized SUP than a boat. If you’re looking for the most convenient way to enjoy sailing, though, it’s going to be hard to find anything better than the Tiwal 3.2.

An inflatable sailing dinghy, the whole thing can fit in the boot of a car when collapsed, allowing you to easily bring it to any nearby body of water. That way, you can enjoy sailing in your local lake or beach without needing access to a boat you’re going to have to tow on a trailer, allowing you to hit the water without having to carry a large amount of gear.


To set up the Tiwal 3.2, you start by inflating hull partially using the bundled electric pump and installing the centerboard case, whose pieces are designed to easily snap together using spring-loaded catches. Once that’s done, start inflating the hull completely to a pressure of 11 psi and begin assembling the mast, which comes as five separate pieces. When the mast is ready, simply tie the sail onto it, position it onto the mast step, and you’re done. The whole process should take around 20 minutes, so you won’t lose a lot of time to getting ready.

When assembled, the whole thing measures 10.5 feet long, with the ability to support payloads of up to 418 pounds (so, two adults with gear).  It has a wide V-shaped underbody that’s designed to provide excellent stability in the water, allowing it to be used not just for leisurely rides in calm weather, but even for challenging sails in rough waters. For those times you capsize, you can easily right the boat by pushing the underwater wing down with your feet while pulling on the daggerboard, ensuring you won’t spend too much time stuck in one place trying to get the boat going once more.


That same wide underbody on the Tiwal 3.2, by the way, enables satisfying acceleration, allowing you to reach planing speed without needing so much as a light breeze, all while providing the same upwind sailing ability as a traditional dinghy. It comes with two options in sails: one measuring 56 square feet and a larger one measuring 75 square feet.


Construction is multi-layer PVC for the hull, so while it should perform durably in the water, it will be wise to avoid dragging it over sand or rocks. Do note, the whole thing weighs 111 pounds while being exceptionally wide, so it’s going to be difficult for a single person to carry this. As such, they recommend two individual to carry it using grab handles on either side. In case you’re rocking it solo for the day, the outfit sells an optional trolley that allows you to easily tow the dinghy all on your own. When collapsed, the whole thing can pack down into two bags, each one weighing roughly 60 pounds when filled with their designated contents.


Pricing for the Tiwal 3.2 starts at $5,200.

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