To-Do Tattoo Lets You Scribble On Your Hand Neatly

Scribbling stuff on your hand went out of fashion 11.5 years ago, so anyone ghetto enough to write down a phone number, much less a to-do list, on their palm deserves to have it look like the neatest body scribble possible. The To-Do Tattoo looks to help you keep your on-skin to-do list organized, sticking a temporary print filled with notebook lines and a “to do…” label on top.  Nice.

Yep, it sticks on a temporary tattoo made up of lines that look like it was transferred right out of a page from your pad. You can then scratch down what you want in a neat line, instead of the messy characters you’d normally get just writing letters down any way your pen slides. Sure, you’ve still got a stupid list scrawled on your skin, but, at least, it looks organized.

The To-Do Tattoo comes with 12 temporary notepad tattoos, each of which you can only use once, of course. Since no one, except your grandpa, carries around a ballpoint pen anymore, it comes with its own writing instrument. The bundled gel pen uses safe, washable ink, designed to stick to skin just a little stronger than your average office supplies fare.

Whether you have to quickly jot down a list of gifts you’re shopping for, your co-worker’s take-out orders or a few foreign phrases when you’re abroad, your hand doesn’t need to suffer through a mass of ugly text anymore. Just slap on the tattoo and begin writing.

While you can buy pen and paper for $3.49 too, you have to admit: a To-Do Tattoo just looks more entertaining.

[Perpetual Kid]