ToastIt Turns Your Toaster Into A Sammich Grilling Machine


In a perfect world, all sandwiches will be grilled without having to do any work – that’s just the way a flawless universe functions.  With the new ToastIt Toaster Bags, we just might have come closer to that Utopian ideal of no-mess, delicious, hot, melting sandwiches in minutes, with little clean-up afterwards.

An invention that mimics the significance of the ShamWow, no strike that, the Moon Landing, the ToastIt allows the trusty toaster to do more than perform its scorching functions on bread.  Instead, it gets you a perfect toasted sandwich, complete with all the goodness of heated meat and melting cheese.  With just a toaster in your kitchen, you can say goodbye to cold slices of pizza forever!

The ToastIt is a non-stick and non-toxic bag where you can toss the bread and all its accoutrements before slipping into the toaster.  Yes, you cook the damn thing with the sandwich pouch in tow.  Made of extraterrestrial alien materials (okay…not really), the bag lets the toaster burn whatever is inside it, without suffering the consequences of the high temperature.  It is heat-resistant up to 500 degrees fahrenheit, which means you can use it even with an indoor grill.

Each bag measures 6.25 x 7.75 inches and can be used up to 50 times.  Of course, you’ll have to clean it before reusing, unless you want to eat today’s pizza with last night’s tuna panini or, worse, last week’s ham sandwich.

The ToastIt just might be the simplest way to get quick and hot food.  At $4.95 for two bags, it’s also ridiculously cheap.