ToastyMUG Keeps Your Hands Toasty While Sipping Hot Coffee

There’s a reason why they put handles on coffee mugs — most people simply don’t want to burn their hands trying to enjoy a steaming cup of hot morning coffee. Apparently, not everyone likes to do that. Some people, as it turns out, are more Daenerys Stormborn in their relationship with high temperatures, preferring to cup their hands around the mugs to keep them toasty. Really. The ToastyMUG was created for them.

Designed by Sabrina Fossi, it’s a glazed ceramic mug with an enveloping handle where you can insert your hands, trapping it in between the outer cover and the blistering hot surface of the mug. Basically, a drinking vessel for people who chug their beverages with both hands because, you know, those people exist. And maybe they give birth to dragons, too.

Of course, the ToastyMUG is also great when you want to keep quickly-cooling coffee and tea warm, using heat from your hands to maintain temperatures as high as possible. If you’re not quite sold on the idea, let me just say that the contraption looks like a small cup with elephant ears, which easily makes it an absolutely adorable piece of tableware. I mean, look at that picture above — totally adorable, right? At least, until you burn both hands drinking scalding hot coffee on the darn thing. Each one, by the way, is handmade by local craftsmen in the Ceramic District of Montelupo, a little town near Florence, Italy.

Descendants of the last Targaryen with dragon in their veins can get the ToastyMUG directly from Fossi’s website. Price is €44.

Check It Out via BeautifulLife