Toffee Scorpion: A Bar Of Candy With An Arachnid Inside

Baked worm and cricket snacks still too tame for your wild appetite?  Step it up a notch with the Toffee Scorpion, a slab of toffee-flavored candy with a real scorpion locked helplessly inside. Mmmm…

Sure, anyone can make toffee candy and put a fake gummi critter inside.  This isn’t one of those things, though.  Instead, they use real predatory arthropods that once clawed and stung their way to feeding on their preys.

The Toffee Scorpion candy measures 8 x 5 x 0.7cm and weighs 50 grams.  Made with maltitol syrup and food color, the confect is transluscent, allowing the scorpion inside to be in plain sight of casual onlookers.   Each bar of candy only comes with one scorpion, though, so you’ll have to buy a bunch if you want to overload on segmented stingers.  The arachnid reportedly tastes like crunchy walnut, too, making for a nice complement to the candy’s toffee sweetness.

Worried about imbibing some neurotoxin, enzyme inhibitor, or whatever other nasty compound swims around in the critter’s venom?  Don’t be.  These Chinese scorpions are farm-bred specifically for human consumption and heat-treated to remove any toxins, so it’s 100% safe for human consumption.

Kids love candy.  Kids love creepy crawlies.  And the Toffee Scorpion brings both in a single slab of goodness.  It’s available from Firebox, priced at £5.99.