Toilet Mug: Enjoy Your Most Disgusting Cup Of Coffee Ever


Drink a cup of coffee, throw up yesterday’s dinner.  That’s the way of the world when you drink from the Toilet Mug, the most disgusting drinking vessel you’ll ever have the displeasure of wrapping your lips around on.

Got a strong stomach?  Flaunt it.  Pour your morning coffee into the Toilet Mug and amuse your co-workers with your refined taste for brown water.  Heck, throw in a slice of tootsie roll and some cinnamon sprinkles down there for good measure.  Mmmm….

Clad in the shape of everyone’s favorite bathroom fixture, the silly-looking mug should prove an interesting alternative to your tired and boring coffee cups.  Molded and hand-painted to unmistakably resemble a standard toilet, it can hold up to 12oz of your beverage of choice, including bath water.  Aaaah…refreshing.

The Toilet Mug is gross, offensive and juvenile, making it the perfect gag gift for your co-workers and friends.  Whether you’ll still have them as co-workers and friends after they throw up, however, is a question still up in the air.

Got a friend trying to quit coffee?  Wrap this in a bag and send it down their way.  Seriously, anyone trying to abstain from caffeine should keep this as their drinking mug.  Let’s see how much you crave a perk-up when you have to chug it from a miniature toilet.  Ugh.

Available for just under $16, the Toilet Mug will be the single biggest weapon in the struggle against caffeine addiction.  I have no doubt.  Otherwise, use at the risk of losing your appetite for the rest of the day.

[Prank Place via RGS]