Go-Kart With Toilet Seats And Beer Cooler Tanks, Need We say More

Never get a chance to have the toilet all to yourself?  The injustice!  Do what this guy did, building himself a functional go-kart equipped with dual crappers.

Whether you like lighting a smoke, reading a magazine or eating dinner (ack!) on the bowl, the impressively original “toilet kart” will let you enjoy the comforts of a kingly ivory throne, even while someone else is using the bathroom at home.  Even better, the modified go-kart can be driven down streets and tracks just like regular open-wheel motor vehicles, so you can enjoy your relaxing toilet sessions practically anywhere.

The Toilet Go-Kart is an operational motorized kart, built on a stripped down kart frame, with seating replaced by two retasked toilet bowls.  Both toilets had their tanks taken out in favor of coolers, which double in function as backing for your seats.  Rolls of bathroom tissues line along the side, which you can use to wipe the beer off your smug grin, while everyone drools (or pukes, depending on who’s watching) at your awesome ride.

Powered by a 6.5-hp engine, owner Dave can run the twin-throne racer at a speed of 32 mph.  All while seated on a toilet seat, with cold beer sitting on the pair of coolers, no doubt.  Thankfully, the toilets don’t seem to be functional.  At least, we don’t think they are.  God, please don’t let them be.

[via Jalopnik]