Tokyoflash’s Funky, Bizarre And Puzzling Time-Tellers Coming To Your Home Soon


Tokyoflash timepieces always leave me with mixed emotions.  On one hand, I can’t help but be in awe at how cool their watches are.  On the other, I can’t understand a single one of their tickers (if those things even tick) no matter how hard I look (I know, looking doesn’t mean learning, but whatever).

Figuring out those guys have a good sense of humor isn’t too hard.  You’ll have to, if you’re going to succeed designing and selling ridiculous wrist-bound machines whose comprehension requirements are probably more complicated than the electronics inside them.

This time, however, they’re looking to bring their fancy time-telling devices into people’s homes and are asking for feedback about potential designs.  Nine concept clocks are currently on the chopping block, each bearing colorful lights, unusual shapes and unique ways of telling time, with the most well-liked items potentially going into production.

As with Tokyoflash watches, each clock is a collaborative effort between the company and several Japanese designers.  Your pool of choices are a varied lot, including units that integrate an iPod dock, multiple zone time-telling and animation-infused devices.

If you’ve ever fancied influencing the next Tokyoflash release, now’s your chance.  Similarly, you can use it as the platform to tell  them to go away and stop confusing you, whichever works out for you better.

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TokyoFlash via SlashGear